[AOS] Mothers name different on Birth certificate and passport


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My 485 is pending to be submitted to USCIS next week. Here is my situation:

1) My birth certificate shows my correct Mother's name.

2) When I was very little, my mother expired and my father due to circumstances, had to do a 2nd marriage.

3) Without knowing much about what it will lead to, I included my Step Mother's name in all legal documents - Passport, Visa, Labor, 140 etc.,

4) Now my Birth Certificate shows a different mother name (my original mother), however my other docs, including passport, shows my step-mother's name.

This could potentially lead to a query from USCIS. How do I solve this issue proactively before my 485 is submitted? Is there any Affidavit I can submit? If so, how would i frame the affidavit, to better explain the situation.

Please help! I'm really worried about this and your expert guidance would do a world of good to me.

Thank you!

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You can just put a little note on your original birth certificate (like a paste-it note) and explain thats your original mother and all other places you have your step mother. That should take care of it.

If you are still not comfortable, do an affidavit on a 100Rs. stamped paper explaining the same, have it signed by your father and any one other witness and affix to your original birth certificate.

This shouldn't be a big problem at all.

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I don't see a problem. Your birth mother is correctly listed on the birth certificate. Your adoptive mother was correctly listed everywhere else. Just put your birth mother on the I-485, and be done with it. I would not anticipate any issues.

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