H1b- 221g green-New Delhi-Case sent back to USCIS


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Hello All,

I am starting this new thread since not many people are active on other threads - where cases have been sent back to USCIS.. I would appreciate if people can post their responses here & the time frames for their respective cases..

Here is my case -

VI - 8th April 2011

Consulate - New Delhi

Visa Category - H1 B extension

Work Model - EC

Issued 221g green with request to submit documents

Ppt & I 797 kept with Embassy at the time of interview

-Submitted documents on 28th April 2011

-Got an email to submit few more documents in mid May & submitted them on 31st May 2011

-June 13 - got an email to re submit almost all of the documents submitted during 1st 2 times & submitted them on 20th June 2011

My employer / attorney followed up on my case & got to know that my case was returned to USCIS (end of July 2011).

-11th Aug 2011 - My case was received by USCIS for review (this information was updated on USCIS website)

- Till date my passport & I 797 is with the Embassy, I have not received any rejection / denial / case sent back to USCIS email / letter from Embassy

Here are my questions :

1) Is it sensible enough to wait for USCIS to review & give decision or file a new H1 through the same employer ?

For all those who have already gone through this process & have got re-affirmation, please share ur experiences...



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Hi Teja,

My case was also sent back to USCIS last november.

Interview attended on oct 26 2010

got a blue form at chennai

submitted docs on nov 1 2010

got reply on Nov 15 2010

saying that my case has been sent back to USCIS for further review as my case was EVC model based.

From then there is only one thing in my life 'WAIT WAIT WAIT and WAIT'

My case was updated on line on Feb2 2011. I dont know why it took such a long time to update online.

My employer got NOIR in June 2011. responded right away in 2 days with all the docs required. They updated the case to response review on Aug 5th 2011. Till now it is still the same.....

In my case they returned all the docs PPt but just kept the I979A.

So it is almost a year that i have been waiting on this. But do not get disappointing as this will not be the same for everyone i have seen ppl who are in similar situation but with very short timelines. so keep your fingers crossed and wait. if you think your employer can approach a local senator or congress men please ask him to do it ASAP bcoz that might work sometimes.

ALL the Very best.....

Keep updating...

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