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I have question about my case. I have applied for h1b from desi company in the year 2008. I was on H1b from oct 2008 to nov 2009 then changed my status to h4 in the same year 2009 dec. I got a job offer from the a company. My previous company want to change the status from H4 to H1b they have filed the LCA AND IT GOT APPROVED. I have joined the company as my employer has told me that LCA approval is sufficient for starting the employment they have filed the H1b petition later,I have joined the company on LCA approval after working for few months in the month of April 2010 they laid me off. My employer has told me that he will withdraw the petition as their is no job offer available he has with drawn in the month of May2010. My question whether I will be in the H4 status as it was approved. I started working after the LCA approval is it right.

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