Please post your H1-B stamping expereince in August at Hyderabd Consulate


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Hi All,

I'm planning to go for H1-B stamping in Aug or Sep. Really appreciate if anyone can share their experiences. Given the chances of US economy going into double dip (recession), I'm perplexed to go for stamping.

Any experience will really help people planning for H1-B stamping in the next couple of weeks.



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221g blue form at Hyd consulate

221G blue slip Admin process checked passport returned.

HYD 221G blue slip Admin process checked passport returned.

Consular Processing Details:

Consulate Location - Hyderabad

Interview Date - July 20, 2011

Docs asked? - no

Docs submitted? no

Docs submitted Date - NA

Email Receipt Date - No Response

Passport Submission Date - NO

Passport Stamped/Received Date - N/A

Waiting Since (in calendar days) - 8

Petition Details:

Employer Type - Desi

Employer Size - <15

Assignment Type - EC (E-Employer, EV - Employer/Vendor, EVC - Employer/Vendor/Client)

I-797 Approval Date - Apr 30, 2011

28th July my case details updated on HYD consulate web site

"Your case is currently undergoing processing. Please continue to check this website for updates on the status of your case. Any new information received will be posted to the website."

if anyone has updates please post them

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If you can avoid hyd..I suggest better do it as there are a number of cases pending in hyd consulate than any other consulate. Also a number of students go for F1 during this time and if by any chance you are will take time to process...

I am struck with 221g since may first week and no response from consulate yet....

I have heard a number of blanket L1\H1 visas from IBM and deloitte have been rejected on a bulk basis in hyd...

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Thanks for your response on HYD consulate stamping. Hope they approve your case ASAP.


I believe full time employees do face problem but prone to less 221g's when compared to consultants. Even I'm a full time employee for a fortune 500 firm but still perplexed to go to stamping based on HYD consulate response time.

Any full time employees for H1-B stamping in HYD?

All, please keep this thread alive with HYD consulate experience.



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It doesn't matter which consulate you go to(Chennai or Hyd or Delhi). If your petitioner is under the radar you will most likely get a 221g. This will be true for almost all desi consulting companies because their whole operating model is under scrutiny. USCIS E-E memo insists that your employer supervises your day-to-day actvities and controls your work at the work place. Tell me any body shopping company that does this.

Even if you have all proper paperwork, there might have been another employee from your petitioner who had his visa rejected earlier and that will impact you.

You can consider yourself relatively safe only if you work for a reputed employer with good financial standing and perfect paperwork without any kind of fraudulent background model.

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Consulate Location - Hyderabad

Interview Date - 20th July 2011 221g blue administrative Processing, Passport returned at interview time

Docs asked? - no

Docs submitted?- no

Docs submitted Date - no

Email Receipt Date - 9 Aug 2011 to submit passport

Passport Submission Date - 11 August 2011

Passport Stamped/Received Date - 19 August 2011

Wait Time (in calendar days) - 1 month

Petition Details:

Employer Type - Desi

Employer Size ~ > 15

Assignment Type - EC

I-797 Approval Date - Apr 2011

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