I 140 NOID and extension beyond sixth year


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Came to US in May 2005 I worked for consulting company A.

My Client company B offered me Job on July 2007 and I worked for them till June 2010.

I have the approved I140 from Company B with a PD Nov 2008 (EB2 India.)

I got laid off from B. I got a new client and joined consulting company C.

I have the H1B extended only for a year till Oct 2011. Company C mentioned about AC21 to retain my PD when they submitted my papers for H1 Transfer.

Company C did say that they will process my green card. Company C haven't filed for Labor Certificate and I-140.

It seems that Company B has indicated that USCIS that I don't work for them anymore. Company B recently recieved a I 140 Intent to revoke mentioning that I dont have education requirements and asking for proof.

I am working with my company B attroney to submit evaluation for my education documents.

However, I have the following questions

1. Can Company C file H1B extension? My Visa expires Oct2011

2. Should I restart Labor and I140 from Company C? Do I have enough time to do this?

Please advice.

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