Withdraw of 221g query for H4


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Hello Everyone,

Iam with H1B status working with a reputed client. My wife got a query when she went for H4 visa, and all they asked is of my current employer tax details, etc. Right now all the docs are ready to submit. But, in this time i have filed for H1 transfer to the main vendor which is a reputed indian MNC, and still in process of getting the approval.

How should i go forward from here

1) If i submit these papers now and meanwhile if i get all the required documents from the new employer including couple of pay checks. is it possible to withdraw current query and go with a new visa appointment with new employer H1?

2) is it mandatory to submit the query related papers and wait until it gets clear, before attending for H4 with my new H1 papers.

Any other suggestion's are most welcome.

Thank you,


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