Travel to Canada for recapturing 18 days

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I am currently on H1B extension which expires on Nov 21 2024. My visa stamp on passport is expired. My employer has filed my Perm in December 2023, the current processing times for Perm is around 12 to 13 months.

If my Perm result does not return before my H1B expires in November, I will not be able to apply for h1b extension based on Perm because the 365 day rule is not met in my case, there is shortage of 18 days.

My employer has suggested me to travel outside the US to be able to recapture those 18 days so that extension can be filed.

Can I travel to Canada for 3 three weeks and re-enter USA on my 797?

What is the best way to recapture the period without leaving to my home country?




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