Revoked I 140, Gurus Plz Advice - AC21 not filed, MTR


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My I140 was withdrawn due to company merger. Here is what happened,

Worked for Employer A: 5 yrs

Approved I 140 - Nov 2007

485 Filed - Jun 2007.

Started working on EAD with Employer B from the last 10 months and AC 21 not filed. Today I got the hard copy of the decision regarding my 140 withdrawl. Letter clearly states that, A review of USCIS records indicate that a letter submitted on Feb 15, 2011 states " Company Y has merged with company Z effective April 1,2010. Company Z is the surviving and successor corporation to company Y. Company Z requests to withdraw the petetion filed by Company Y (Company Z)." Therefore I-140 is automatically revoked as the date of approval. No further action will be taken on this case. There is no appeal to this decision. You have the oopurtunity to file a MTR with in 30 days.

Now what are my options ? Me filing only AC21 or My previous employer file MTR ?

Please give me your advise,


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