TN Visa under System Analyst or Management Consultant?

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I received an offer from a US-based company for the role of "Manager, Technology and Solutions". I am a Canadian citizen with 15 years of IT experience with an educational background of MBA from India (2yr degree) and BSC Electronics (3yr degree). Is it recommended to apply for TN visa under "System Analyst" category or "Management Consultant".  My concern is I do not have a formal IT degree but have completed multiple certifications in different technologies.

Aside from this, I have an application in progress (I-130) where my sibling who is a US citizen has filed a petition for greencard for myself. Wondering if this would be flagged at the time of interview for TN and result in my application being rejected? .

Any help in this matter would be appreciated! Thank you.

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Did you find out answer for your question?
I have a very similar question.
For a Canadian citizen seeking TN visa to work in the U.S:
holding 3 year degree in Physics from India + 2 year MBA from UK.

Q1. Meeting the education requirement: Since a 3 year degree is not recognized by the US as a "degree" (needs 4 years), I am not sure this 3 year Physics degree meets the Science degree requirement! Can the MBA years be added to it, making it 4 years equivalent??

Q2. Meeting the non-immigrant requirement: If a GC application is already on file through a sibling, will TN visa application be rejected?

Can someone throw some light into this?

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