H-1B travel before extension with first time H-4 for spouse

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Hello, I have my current H-1B till September 8th, 2024. If I receive my H-1B approval notice for the extension, and travel to India for my marriage and return before 9/8, my understanding is that I have two options but please correct me if I'm wrong: 1. Return on the old H-1B without interview (I already have stamping for the current H-1B) but carry the new approval notice in case asked in port of entry. (or) 2. Schedule interview for new H-1B and get stamped with 3 year extension.

My question is regarding the best option if I file for H-4 for my wife-to-be: Can option be exercised, and if so, will my wife only get a H-4 with expiry on 9/8, or can she use my new approval notice I-797A and get a 3 year extension if I haven't attended the H-1B visa stamping for the new H-1B? 

If an extended H-4 approval is not possible without my H-1B getting stamped first, can I schedule a combined H-1B and H-4 interview and get her H-4 validity till 3 years from the date of visa issue? Or if not, how should I got about this?

Also, my fiancé is now in the US on day 1 CPT as well, so if there's anything I must be aware on that front as far as the H-4 interview, kindly let me know. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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