H4(COS)+H4EAD -- ways to get it processed quicker

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I am currently on my F1 OPT. I didn't get my H1b selection, and my F1-OPT expires on July 10. My option now is to opt for H4(COS)+H4EAD. If the application is submitted this week, I will see a wait time of 7-9 months, meaning that I will be unemployed from July till I get my approval.

1. If my husband changes his job internally he will have to file an H1B amendment which we will do in premium. Here if we concurrently file for my H4(COS)+H4EAD, will the application be treated in premium as well? I understand that it won't essentially be premium, but what are the chances that I see the approval time before July 10? Say we file all this by mid of May. 

2. Also, if my H4(COS)+H4EAD is filed this week, can I later revoke the application/withdraw it and refile another application concurrent with the H1b amendment in premium? 

Are there any solutions for quicker processing so that I don't incur unemployment days from July 10.

Thank you, 

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