H1B-H4 Extension

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My H1B is expiring in April 2024 and my employer is in the process to the file the extension (no USCIS receipt number yet). My family's H4 visa is also expiring in April 2024 and I have to file their extension - form I539


  • 1. Can I file Form I539 concurrently with the H1B extension application, or should I wait until the H1B extension is approved?
  • 2. If I file Form I539 after the approval of the H1B extension, will my dependents be considered out of status until the approval is granted? What are the implications if I file after their I94 or visa expiration date?
  • 3. Form I539 requires specifying the date until which the current or requested status should be extended. How can I provide this information before the H1B extension is approved?
  • 4. Should I file Form I539 for my spouse and Form I539A for my child offline?

Appreciate  any guidance on this, thanks.

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