An weird situation to apply for visa


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My current I797A expires on 14/1/2012.So i applied for H1b extension as i am going to india in Sep 2011.

I got my H1b extension approved today. My issue is that,when i got the new approval they gave it from 15/1/2012 to Jan 14/1/2015.

So now i have two different I-797 approvals...which one should i submit for my Visa stamping. If anyone faced the same situation please do reply...thanks in advance

let me know if you need anymore details also

My questions are

1)WHich EAC should i give in DS-160 form

2)How many days visa will i get

3)Will there be issue for my stamping as i have two I-797

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1) You should use the current I797 number since the other one is not valid yet

2)Its a definitely a risk and I am afraid they will issue it till 14/1/2012.

3)There shouldn't be any issues

I would recommend to go for stamping after the next I-797 takes effect if possible.

I am not an expert so dont take my word for it. I am just giving my opinion.

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Thank you for replies.

@hab999, thank you, spoke to my lawyer today he mentioned the same

@makbar...i have to go in sep to india. if i get stamping till 14/1/2012, is fine with me. as next time if i plan to go i will use the new I-797.

Work for Fulltime company. i am hoping shuld not have issues..

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