Green Card renewal after 14th birthday

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So I was supposed to renew my daughter's GC once she turned 14 per USCIS rules. The application was submitted on the 30th day since her birthday. I only had to pay the biometric fee and finger printing was done (filing within 30 days). Then I received a letter stating that the application was denied because "USCIS records indicate that you filed more than 30 days AFTER your 14th birthday". And I need to re-apply paying the full fee including biometric. I spoke to the support but the said they are helpless. Is there a way to appeal it? Filing 290B is going to cost more than the I-90 application fee. Or I just need to bite the bullet and re-apply paying the full fee? By the way the greensward is valid for several more years.

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Thanks for the reply. Birthday was Oct 22nd, submitted on Nov 20th, USCIS receipt on 21st Nov (that is 30th day according to my calculation). I guess they may be counting 22nd itself as day one instead of the next day; anyway....

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