Getting F1 while I130 is pending

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Hi there,

my husband is a permanent resident in US and has filed for I130 for me in May 23. I want to study in US , I had applied for F1 visa , however the same was denied on the grounds of non-eligibility since I130 is in process. My study plans were from prior however, simultaneous I130 application caused a challenge to that. Can someone please tell me the average processing time to wait for I130 decision? also,  since, i am loosing time not studying/working, i am unable to understand the path forward with no insight on the estimated decision times . also, Would applying for canada/australia for student/pr cause a challenge with GC interview at later point in time. please guide.



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Sometimes an I-130 can be an issue for an F-1. You need to be able to convince the consular officer that while there may be future immigrant intent, your current intent is as a nonimmigrant for the purpose of education. General processing times for an I-130 is roughly nine to fourteen months, but since this is in the F2A category and the dates are not current, it may take longer and then you still have the NVC/CP process if you are outside the U.S. 

Travel to another country while the I-130 is in process will not affect the I-130. 

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