Citizenship eligibility to apply - absence between 6 months and 1 year

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I am a green card holder and have completed a 30-month residency during my 5 years of stay in the US. My wife also met the 30-month residency requirement but stayed in India for a few days less than 1 year. She did not face any issues at the port of entry since she had a re-entry permit and is currently living with me in the US. Additionally, I am the primary applicant and obtained my green card through employment, while my wife is a dependent family member.

I came across the following information on a law firm's website: 'If your absence was between 6 months and 1 year, then it is presumed to have interrupted continuous residence, but this can be overcome with certain strong evidence.'

Evidence of all the following would be important to provide to rebut the presumption:

  • Immediate family remaining in the United States during the applicant’s time abroad.

According to the above, I was in the US and working during my wife's time abroad. Is my wife eligible to apply for US citizenship?

I would appreciate it if any of the fellow forum members could clarify on this. Thanks!

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