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I am planning to go to stamping in December.

I think I need following things from employer.If it can be confirmed.

I797A / I797C



Employer verification letter

1. My employer is not ready to provide me originals of LCA,I-129 and I797. Can I carry copies ?

2. Do I need to carry employer tax documents too ? Cause my employer doesnt agree to provide them as its company information.

3.Other than tax return is there any other document that employer will need to provide to VFS ?

4.Can employer mail additional documents directly to VFS ?

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1. You can carry copies for LCA, I-129, but the original I-797 is needed(Atleast in Chennai..). The DOS website says that you don't need the I-797 now for visa stamping because they can get it from their PIMS database. But the Chennai consulate website says that you need your original I-797. So I did not take any chances. I would check with the consulate website where you will be attending the interview and see what it says.

2. The employer tax information is generally not needed unless a 221g is issued. In case of a 221g, you can have your employer sent the tax returns in a sealed envelope. Search through this forum for an appropriate verbage to be written on the envelope.

3. Did not understand. The VO will let you know the exact list of docs that need to be submitted via a colored slip.

4. I don't think so. You can the VFS hotline and ask this question.

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