3 questions regarding Form DS160

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Dear altruists,

I am having some confusion while filling up form DS 160 for my F1 visa. I would appreciate it if anyone could help me out.

1. My name on my passport is "XYZ Khan" but I have previously used my nickname "HJDJASD Mahmud" on different social media accounts. I tried to edit some of them but was unable to gain access to some of them. When people search with my email those social accounts appear.

Now there is a question in DS 160 "Have you ever used other names (i.e. maiden, religious, professional, alias, etc.)? " I was wondering if I need to mention the name "HJDJASD Mahmud" here on this field. or there is no need to include that? Please advise.


2. I have been involved in freelance web development since 2020 and later 2021, I met one woman on Fiverr and since then I have been working for her (Non-contractual, as an independent contractor) but they featured me on their website and I used an official email from their company. 

Do I need to include this as an employment? Also, do I need to list this official email address in the DS160 form since they ask to enter all used within the last 5 years?


P.S: I also work as a lecturer at a private university and already entered that info. Was wondering if that (work for her company) needs to be added as previous employment.



Please advise




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