Can i travel with L1B visa while my H1B visa stamping approval is pending, 221g administrative processing.

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My H1B petition 2024 with new employer is approved while i was working with current employer in US. Attorney missed to do COS during petition filing, so i was issued consulate processing to activate my H1B visa. I visited India for Visa stamping.

I was issued 221g after consulate interview. Its been 1.5 months and my employer responded to queries requested during AP. H1B decision is pending at consulate.

I wanted to return to US with L1B visa and continue job duties with my current employer. I can revisit India to submit passport when decision on H1B is approved.

My questions are below

1) If i appear 2nd time for consulate interview seeking L1B stamping, it will result to both the visas L1B and H1B under processing at the same time. Will the rule allow me to apply for a different visa when my H1B is under AP. ? 

2) What implications are caused to my H1B visa. Will it give any reason to VO to deny my H1B as i am also seeing my current L1B. I dont intend to risk my H1B visa.


Thanks for your response.

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