H4 expired , stayed 180 days in US


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Hi All,

I went to US on H4 in 2007,then got H1 in 2007 oct, but

i could'nt find a project in those resicion days , so i did'nt work there .I came back to India on april 23rd 2009(then my employer cancled my H1 itseems).

But now i want get my H4 extention done .

my H4 was valid only till 2008 oct 1st.

so my prob now is, in form DS-160

under the option of previous visas what should i mention ,

if i mention H1 ( then i need 2 mention previous companies worked , submit w2 forms, which icant do)

or if i mention it as H4 then they'll think that i overstayed there,that is almost 205 days (i.e >180 days )aftermy H4 expired .

so can any one plz suggest me on what 2 fill in this form 160 and get my H4 extension done

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