US visa scheduling website is not accepting my DS 160 confirmation number

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When I enter DS160 confirmation number in the  usvisascheduling website, I get the following error message : 'DS-160 format is not recognized. It should be 'AA005', 'AA006', 'AA007', 'AA008', 'AA009', 'AA00A', 'AA00B', or 'AA00C' followed by 5 characters.'

My DS160 confirmation number starts with AA00Dxxxxx.

I opened support cases on the portal and both times they closed the case without fixing the issue. I have talked with customer rep multiple times over the past 3 days and on every occasion, they tell to wait and says that the technical team will resolve the issue.

 Anyone facing similar challenge in the usvisascheduling website, please let me know and a possible way to get around this issue.


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