Filling for H1B for StartUp owners

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I am currently in the United States on an F1 visa, participating in the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program as an international graduate. I am reaching out to seek your esteemed guidance and legal advice regarding my current immigration status and future visa options, given my entrepreneurial aspirations.

I am in the process of developing a startup, which is currently in its developmental phase. Given my situation, I have a few queries that I believe your expertise can help clarify:

Startup Registration on F1 OPT: Could you provide guidance on how I can legally register my startup while on an F1 OPT visa? Are there specific legal frameworks or considerations I should be aware of to ensure compliance with my current visa status?

Maintaining Immigration Status: As an international graduate on an F1 OPT visa, what steps should I take to maintain my immigration status, especially considering my engagement in starting a business? Are there particular activities or thresholds I must adhere to avoid jeopardizing my status?

Future Visa Options - H1B or IER Visa: Looking ahead, I am contemplating the best pathway to secure my stay and the growth of my startup in the United States. Could you provide insights into whether applying for an H1B visa or an International Entrepreneur Rule (IER) visa would be more suitable for my circumstances? What are the eligibility criteria, benefits, and limitations of each option?

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