Successful H1B visa stamping with DWI - India

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I had a DWI incident in Fed 2020 and came back for renewal/stamping in Dec 2023. With a DWI arrest, your visa gets prudentially revoked whether you receive an email from the Embassy or not and you need to attend for a visa interview before returning to the US.

Date of incident: Feb, 2020
DWI Case closed - Pled Guilty to Misdemeanor
Unsupervised Probation Ended May 2021

H1b Dropbox: Jan 02, 2024 Delhi but all H1B applications are being redirected to Chennai
Application received: Jan 04, 2024
Application rejected: Jan 05, 2024
Passport dispatched back with 221g letter & collected: Jan 10,2024

221g letter asked to attend the In-person interview in Chennai(only) on or after: Jan 25, 2024

Interview date: Jan 25, 2024

Asked basic questions about the incident and also current employment. Asked for the documents related to the case.
I was carrying the court certified copies of the Judgement/Case. Handed one over. Passport was returned to me for submission post medical & other eval.

Given a new 221g letter asking to get the medical & Psych eval done locally at Apollo Hospital in Chennai.

Physician & Psych Eval completed(same day take 4-5 hrs): Jan 29, 2024 (26th Jan & Weekend in between)

Medical Reports sent by Apollo: Feb 1, 2024

Received Email from Chennai Consulate to submit passport to any VFS on: Feb 2, 2024

Passport submitted: Feb 5, 2024

Denied Status but date updated : Feb 7, 2024

Approved: Feb 13, 2024

Issued: Feb 22, 2024

Passport Returned: Feb 26, 2024

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I was arrested in August 2022 for a DWI with a minor in the car (while I was parked at a gas station). Later, this charge was reduced to a DWI class B misdemeanor with deferred adjudication and probation of 18 months. I can get this case expunged after two years. Some lawyers have told me that if I go for stamping, my case will possibly be denied because of the "aggravating" factor present in the police report during the time of arrest. Can someone please advise if this is true? I had read online that for H-1b stamping with DUI, they refer you to a panel physician exam, but I want to know how the aggravating factor would affect this case.

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