221 A 6 C (I)

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Hi, I was associated with Integra which got flagged by USCIS for fraud. I was with them for 4 months during my OPT. I had my future H1B extension successfully. I came for my first H1b Stamping (Well aware that I might get flagged) and prepared well to prove that I was not involved in any misrepresentation willing fully. The visa officer did not ask many question or gave me chance to provide my side of story. I was told they will apply for my waiver & gave me 221g.

I got to know that this year in Jan they applied for my waiver but I am still waiting for the outcome(Interview date is OCT 27 2023. Is there a way to track/expedite it? How long does this process take. It's going to be 5 months that I am in my home country & worried about my Job . I am also wondering if I can fight this to get this case removed completely in future or getting waiver once remove that chance?

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Often the waiver processing will take near 6 months but there is not any concrete processing timeframe. As regards a 6C finding based on having been associated with Integra, one can try and remove it with a factual / legal argument submitted to: (1) DHS TRIP at their website, (2) the Consulate by email, and (3) possibly file a lawsuit against USCIS. Murthy Law Firm has experience with all three options, but the success or possibility of any / each of these varies based on the facts and circumstances.

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