i140 EAD on Compelling Circumstances

Sachin Sharma

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does anyone got i140 EAD approved on Compelling Circumstances like Job Loss as a Basis for Compelling Circumstances accompanied by hardships such an individual has school-age children and a mortgage?

1. What is the process to file? 

2. How long it takes to receive i140 EAD?  

3. What is the success rate for approval?  Any denials?

4. Can we still stay in the US without losing the status, while searching for a job while waiting on i140 EAD?

5. Can we do any job with i140 EAD?

6. Can the spouse work during the i140 EAD on file? or spouse has to stop working and continue when the i140 EAD approves?

7. Can we travel outside US for any family emergency and return with i140 EAD?

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