Seeking Advice on H1 Visa Stamping Process Post SAPO dismissal

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Hello everyone,

A couple of years ago, I met someone through a dating app, and after going out a few times, we ended up in a situation that led to legal complications. Without delving into too many personal details, there was a misunderstanding that resulted in a SAPO (Sexual Assault Protective Order) being filed against me. I immediately sought legal counsel, and after presenting our case, the SAPO was dismissed due to the allegations being found unsubstantiated.

It's been two years since the incident, and no criminal charges have been filed against me. My legal counsel believes that the allegations were baseless and that it's unlikely any criminal charges will be pursued in the future. However, I am now preparing to travel to India for my H1 visa stamping and I am concerned about whether this past legal dispute could affect the visa process.

My question to the community is:

1. Given that the SAPO was dismissed and there have been no criminal charges filed, is this something I need to disclose during the visa stamping process?
2. Could the visa officer, immigration officer, or customs have access to information about the SAPO order or the allegations, and could this potentially impact my entry or the visa stamping process?
3. Has anyone here gone through a similar situation or have professional knowledge about how such legal matters could affect the visa process?

I appreciate any advice, insights, or shared experiences you can provide. My main goal is to navigate this situation as transparently and smoothly as possible, ensuring that it doesn't inadvertently affect my career or travel plans.

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