Dismissed DUI and convicted for reckless driving.

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Greetings Community,

I'm reaching out to seek your insights and advice on a concern related to my upcoming H1-B visa stamping process, stemming from a legal incident I encountered. In, 2022, in Minnesota, I was charged with careless driving due to not signaling a left turn, driving under the speed limit, and being distracted by a phone call. During the stop, I disclosed to the officer that I had consumed a beer earlier. Although my blood alcohol content was measured at .07, not significantly high, I was still arrested, fingerprinted, and charged with DWI, DUI, and reckless driving. In November 2022, the court concluded with a misdemeanor conviction for reckless / careless driving, dismissing the DUI, DWI charges. My sentence included a year of probation to not commit similar offense, a mandate to complete a chemical assessment, and a fine.

With plans to travel to India for my H1-B visa stamping,  I'm eager to hear from anyone who has navigated a similar situation:

- How could this misdemeanor conviction impact my H1-B visa stamping in India?
- What specific documents or explanations might I need to prepare for the visa interview to address this incident?
- I would welcome any advice on managing this situation to lessen its effect on my visa process.

Your shared experiences and guidance would be immensely valuable to me. Thank you in advance for your support.

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