Fast-Tracking Green Card: Exploring the Best Path Forward

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Hello everyone, here's my situation. I relocated to the US in July 2014 with my family on an H1B Visa. While working for a large MNC, my I-140 was sponsored and approved in the EB-2 category with a priority date of December 2019. Despite having direct reports in 2014 and continuing to have reports in both the US and India, I couldn't persuade them to apply through EB-1. My official designation was Associate Manager. Subsequently, I left that position and joined a US-based company in March 2021, resigning in December 2022. Unfortunately, this company did not initiate my Green Card (GC) process.

I am currently employed at another company since 2022, and they have re-initiated my GC process, but only through EB-2. They explained that I need to be a Manager in India before applying through EB-1, despite my current role having broader visibility and direct reports in India, the US, and Mexico. They are unwilling to apply through EB-1. I would like to explore what options are available to me in this situation.

Would it be more advantageous to return to India or any other country outside US, reside there for approximately 1-1.5 years, and then re-enter the US on an L1-A visa? This path might increase my chances, potentially leading to Green Card approval within the next 2-3 years, as opposed to waiting for my priority date to become current, a process I believe could take a considerable amount of time.
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