Naturalization for children and OCI Card

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We are of Indian origin with Employment GC and just completed our Naturalization Interview. We have our Oath Ceremony scheduled for 10 days later. I had a couple of questions with regards to processes after this:
1. My child is 10 years old and was born in India. How would the Naturalization process work for her. Would we have to fill a N-600 for her once we get our Naturalization certificate. I did read in some forums that the child if under 18 would get citizenship automatically once Parents are naturalized. So in that case, can we directly start applying for her US Passport. 

2. Once we get our Naturalization Certificates, I am assuming we can apply for US Passport. Could we parallelly apply for OCI Card as well, or should we do it once US Passport is obtained. Prior to OCI though, should we do Indian passport renunciation. Or can that happen together ?

3. We want to plan a travel to India soon, so I was thinking that once mine and my wife's US passport and OCI card is there, we will travel with my daughter on a GC, and will do the US Passport application for my daughter once we are back. Would that be fine though, she she might be a US citizen automatically since parents naturalized

Much thanks and appreciated

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