Small Difference between W2 and LCA


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Hi All,

My case is so peculiar, There is a difference of $163 between my W2 and LCA. My W2 is less than LCA wage by $163. One is 62k and other is slightly less than that.

Is this going to be any problem at the time of stamping. I really need your advise on this.

I've no gaps in my whole h1b, never been on bench.

Please advise, any suggestions are welcome :)

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  • 4 years later...

Thanks Rahul. No the extension prevailing wage is higher than the current H1B LCA prevailing wage. My 2015 W2 is based on current LCA wage (it is more than current LCA).


So what is the timeline the employer needs to start paying the new prevailing wage to the employee? Once the new extension period starts (which has the new LCA prevailing wage) or before the extension period starts? Thanks.

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