i-485 "ready for interview" status - Couple of questions.

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Dear Experts, I have following questions, your advice will be appreciated.

Situation - My i485 is in "ready to schedule an interview" status after I recently submitted the required docs in response to medical RFE. In Oct 2022, when my date of Sep 2013 was current, my application was accepted and was transferred to National benefits center. I got Medical RFE in Oct 2023.

Q1 -  Does that mean they are working on my case based on when my PD became current in Oct 2022? or I will get the interview call only after my date becomes current again?

Q2 Mine is an employment based GC as most of us do, the status says that they will schedule an interview and send me a notice, will they actually do that or there are still chances that they will skip the interview process? In case they do, how soon do you think will they schedule the interview?

Q3 What if I don't have a job at the time of interview? 

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