Seeking Advice on H4 Status and EAD Processing Delays.

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Good Morning Folks,

I had an L1B visa with IBM, and quit my position on July 5th, 2023. Subsequently, I applied for H4 and EAD to maintain legal status, and the application has a receipt date of July 14, 2023.

It has been six months since we submitted my H4 and EAD applications, and we received an update from USCIS stating that my H4 is pending security checks for 2 months now. Given the prolonged processing time, we are exploring potential avenues to expedite the process and mitigate further delays.

I understand that getting an H4 visa stamp might be an option to potentially overcome the security checks delay mentioned by USCIS and streamline the EAD processing. I am seeking your professional advice on whether obtaining the H4 stamp, if feasible in this situation, could expedite the overall process and potentially resolve the security checks issue.

Additionally, I would appreciate any insights you can provide regarding the impact of an H4 stamp on the pending EAD application. If there are alternative strategies or considerations that you believe would be beneficial in this case, I am eager to hear your recommendations.

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