221g Yellow Form @ Hyderabad September Tracker


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Hi All This Tracker is only for H1B applicants who got 221G Yellow form in September. Please post your responses lets help each other.

My interview happened @ Hyderabad September 8th

221g Yellow recieved for

1. Detialed project information from client

2. Detiled List of roles and responsibilities from the petitioner.

I am going to get the documents from my employer next week. Will update you all if any progress.


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I have interview on Sep 30 in Hyd consulate. I'm also working in same E-C model. Mine is a American company with 300+ employees. Client is a huge and well known Telecom company.

1. My client said he can give client letter

2. I can get employer letter with Roles and Responsibilities.

But I'm worried after seeing your case as they started giving 221g for E-C model people also.

Do you have any suggestions or precautions for me from your experience?or any other documents I need to carry?

I Would really appreciate your response.

Thank you

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Hi Hins1982,

Please update us as soon as you get a call from consulate, it helps all others to estimate the time of reply.

Thanks in advance.

Originally posted by Hins1982:

Hi, below are the my details

Interview Date: Sept 9th 2011

Consulate: Hyderabad

Slip: 221g Yellow, marked all petitioner docs

Doc Submitted at VFS: Sept 9th 2011

Working Model: E-V-C

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The petition is being returned to USCIS for further review. Upon Completion of the review USCIS will contact your petitioner. Please wait for the notification from the counsulate General.

Attended interview at hyd 19th sep.

My case : EVC

Asked questions : Whow do you report to ?

Who tells you what to do?

What is the product you are working on?

what is the client name?

Who will have ultimate authority to fire you?

Asked Documents : Letter from Vendor, Client, I -129, LCA, Employer.

At the end of the interview I asked if you need any additional documents. He said your further steps of action is to contact your petitioner.

Please also post your cases.

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Got a call from Hyd Consulate today

I got a call from Hyd Consulate today and asked below questions, I think she is not a Visa Officer.

1. Who supervise your daily work

2. How do you communicate your employer as you are working at client location

3. Who provides you infrastructure for your work

4. Manager name

5. Who has the authority to fire you

Before ending the call, I asked for timeline when they would get back to me, but she didn't give any information about the timeline.

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