Obtaining NORI NOCs from Hyderabad RPO and Home State Dept

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I am currently in the process of obtaining the 3 NOCs required for the NORI certificate. I have already submitted my documents on the MHRD portal however I am unable to find a way to get the NOC from the HYD (Telangana) RPO and Home State Dept.

Home State - I found some information that the NOC from the Home state dept can be received through the "MEE SEVA" Portal through the GAD attestation services. I wanted to confirm if is correct way. (Or if I should take the conventional route and post my documents. -- In this case, how will know if the Dept has received my doc and is processing them).

RPO - HYD RPO has now made all its services online through the Passport Seva Portal. I wanted to know if it is possible to get the NOC through this POrtal. If yes, what is the procedure. ((Or again if I should take the conventional route and post my documents. -- In this case, how will know if the RPO has received my doc and is processing them))

I would really really appreciate any help or information. 


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Hi Jahnavi,

I got my NOC from Hyderbad RPO by emailing them (rpo.hyderabad@mea.gov.in). They asked me to mail all the documents (attested Bio-Data and Affidavit forms) to their office. They sent me the NOC through email after a few weeks. Hope this helps.

The NOC from MHRD is pretty straightforward if you follow the instructions on the website.

The NOC from the home department seems really tricky and I am still trying to figure out how the procedure. I think I have to go there directly and talk to someone when I go to Hyderabad next time as I am finding it difficult to do it from here. Please let me know if you find out the procedure. Thanks.

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