Is the fiance visa or spouse visa process quicker for bringing your partner to the United States?

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Generally, there are no means of expediting an immigrant visa in a case like this. If you are already married and your spouse is abroad, you are able to file the I-130 petition for consular processing, and then after its approval go forward with the consular process. This can likely take about 2 years. 

In addition, simultaneously with the I-130, you have the option of filing for K3. However, processing times are about the same but often individuals file for both, just in case one is adjudicated faster than the other. If you are not married yet, fiancé petition is an option, but that process also can take a long time. Or, if your soon to be wife is here in the U.S. there are other avenues available. You should discuss your situation with one of our attorneys to understand best way forward.

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