I140 priority date porting


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Hi All,

I have two approved I140's (Both EB3) from two different companies.

1) I140 filed on a substituted labor with a PD of march 2005 (cancelled after approval)

2) I140 filed by my current employer with a PD of june 2007

Now I am planning to file a new I140 in EB2 and I want to know if I can send copies of both I140's with my new application. The reason I say that is because the first one is a substituted labor and now cancelled and if they don't accept it then will they consider my second I140 ?

P.S: I don't have access to my company attorney and I think they want to keep this process going forever so they could benefit the most out of me. I just want to gather some insights so I could make an informed decision on changing employers and also hiring a murthy law firm attorney.

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USCIS requires all information about all prior petitions in the filing of a new I-140. Submission of multiple prior I-140 approval notices with a request for the oldest priority date that USCIS will allow transferred generally can be requested.

For specific legal advice one should consult directly with experienced immigration lawyer.

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