interfiling from EB3 (Nebraska) to EB2(Texas).. Should we re-apply for 485


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We applied for my green card from Company A in Aug 2005 on EB3. ( priority date aug 2005). Then i got my I140 approval from NSC and then proceeded to apply for my I 485 from Nebraska in 2007.

Then in 2008 i moved to company B and they reapplied for my green card in 2010 on EB2. After my labor was approved, I140 was approved through Texas Service Center in June 2011. (I140 approval notice says : Priority date Aug 2005).

So at this moment i am current with a priority date of Aug 2005, which means i should be getting my green card pretty quickly.

I have had no RFE's at anytime and my fingerprint was done in 2007.

Now my questions.

1. Since my I485 was applied in Nebraska, do i need to tell/remind USCIS about my new I140 approval from Texas last month or somehow they will find out about this in the system and get me approved.

2. Its been over a month since i became current and so was wondering if there is a timeline for when i might get approved

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