No Certificate of Disposition found for Citation. Answered 'No' on N-400. How do I proceed at the Interview this week?

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I answered 'No' on my N-400 application for the question regarding citations. I realized later that I indeed had received a summons back in 2010.
The details are below:
In the early morning hours of March 21, 2010, I was issued a Summons in New York City. I was asked to appear at Midtown Community Court, at 314 W54th St, New York, NY. On my appearance at the court as directed above, the judge ordered that I attend a two hour 'Quality of Life Seminar' (with 10 other people), stating that as long as this was completed, it would not go on my record. Once the seminar concluded, the Court informed me verbally that the offense had not been taken on record and that I did not have anything to worry about. No transcript or copy of any official record was made available to me at the time. In 2016, I requested a 'Certificate of Conduct' from the City of New York Police Department which confirmed that as of 3/24/2016, I did not have a criminal record. 
Following this, in preparation for my Citizenship application I proceeded to check with the NYPD headquarters and NYC courts headquarters on two separate occasions for a Certificate of Disposition on this case. On both of these occasions, I was informed that I did not have a record in the City of New York as no search results came up with my Name and information provided. Thus, they were unable to provide me with a certificate of disposition for this case as no record of me was available in their system.
As my interview is scheduled for next week, and no certificate of disposition is available for this incident/ and this incident does not seem to exist in the NYC records, I would like to know the best path forward/the best way to proceed at my Interview later this week.
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