H4 to H1 COS chage


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My spouse current situation is :

COS changed from H4 EAD to H1B from Oct 1st 2023 , But her employer is now saying there is no project and mostly they can only pay for a month or so. She now wants to go back to H4EAD status. Im having approved i140, So, she wants to change status as my dependent and start working on H4EAD.

1) In this situation COS (H1 to H4) possible?

2) when should we file H4 COS? to file H4 COS do we need wait for H1B employer paystubs which they agreed to pay for a month?

3) Once we file H1 to H4 COS and received USCIS receipt , is it okay to stop working on H1B employer as she doesn't want to continue with them.

4) What will happen to H1B ? will that still be tied to her for cap exception for future use?

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