Issue in Name for Passport Vs immigration documents

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Hi Team,

As per my Passport my Given Name is Bxxxx Gxxxx and Last name/Surname is Blank

But while filling VISA I was advised to enter First Name as FNU and Last name as Bxxx Gxxxx.

So my I-94 and SSN both have the name as per my VISA i.e. FNU Bxxx Gxxxx , considering the difference in name FNU Bxxx Gxxxx vs Bxxx Gxxxx LNU DMV advised me to get the name corrected on immigration documents first and then on SSN , before I can have DL created , all should be as per my passport only.

Please help me with next steps on filling the correction on the immigration document ( VISA/I-94) , request you to please provide an expedited guidance, as this can have further potential issues.

Thanks & Regards

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