H1-B Interview Waiver Eligibility if a Previous US visa was Lost

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I am currently trying to schedule an appointment for H1-B visa stamping and was wondering if I am or I am not eligible for an interview-waiver for the following reasons:

I had previously been in US on an F1 visa status from 2015 to 2023 until my H1-B was approved this year. In the year 2015, my F1 visa was misplaced and lost by  a courier service while in transit and a replacement F1 visa was issued to me in 2016. This replacement F1 visa is also my most recent US visa.

While determining my eligibility for an interviewer-waiver for H1-B visa stamping, I am asked the following question:

"Was your most recent visa lost, stolen, revoked or cancelled?" (If yes I do not qualify for the interview waiver)

Now, technically, my most recent F1 visa is not lost or stolen but my previous F1 visa was. I am confused as to whether I should reply with a yes and go for an interview-waiver or reply with a no and schedule an in-person interview.

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!





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Hi, I am also in a similar situation.

My F1 visa was issued on 28 Feb 2008 and it was not cancelled without prejudice as I moved to India after completing my graduate studies in 2010 and did not apply for US visa in any category. Now I am applying for O1 visa and as per the instructions on the website, I am eligible for interview waiver as my previous F1 visa although I am applying for a new visa in a different category. However, on the consulate website it clearly states that only renewal visas are subjective to interview-waiver. I am confused and need assistance in this regard. if you have found an answer please post it here please.

any suggestions whether I am eligible for interview waiver is most appreciated. 




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