H4 was denied after 221g, petition sent to USCIS for review, Transfered visa to big reputed company..


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Could anyone please share his/her views on this?

The H-4 visa for my family was denied and H-1 petition of worker (me) was sent to USCIS for review. The cause of rejection was the EVC model as I was working for consulting comapny. Rejection letter stats that company was not providing qualifying employment.

NOW... I have transferred my visa to a big reputed software product based company and I am fulltime employee. My new petition is already approved and I have already started with new company. Should I plan to send my family again for visa stamping ? or should I wait for some time?? Or is it recommended that I should visit the home country and I with my family should go for visa stamping?

Please suggest.

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Plese someone reply my post.. it would really help... Thanks.

Also, Is it required to deposit the visa fees if case was denied under 221g?

This article http://www.************/.html

says that I need not to deposite the fees again but I was in impression that I have to do everything from scratch.. anyone please guide on this.. ?

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