OPT Denial after submitting in 30 days time frame - Due to technical glich

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I requested my DSO for OPT I-20 on April 3rd but did not file I-765 during the 30-day time frame. So, I requested an updated OPT I-20 on MAY 4th. THE DATE ISSUED on I-20 is MAY 04. I applied for I-765 on MAY 07th, under the 30-day time frame. 

I got a denial notice Stating, " You are applying for post-completion OPT. Your Form I-765 application was receipted by USCIS on May 7, 2023 but the DSO entered the recommendation for OPT into your SEVIS record on April 3, 2023. You have failed to submit Form I-765 within 30 days of the date the DSO entered the recommendation for OPT in your SEVIS record. " I received this notice on September 05th. My DSO has sent me a letter of recommendation stating that they canceled the OPT I-20 and generated a new I-20 on May 04th.  


- April 3, 2023: The student was recommended to apply for post-completion OPT. 

- May 4, 2023: The student missed the 30-day window and requested for an updated I-20 with OPT Endorsement. A DSO canceled the previous recommendation and recommended for another post-completion OPT dated on May 4, 2023. 

- May 7, 2023: The Form I-765 application was received by USCIS. 


 The SEVIS system only shows a recommendation dated on April 3, 2023 which may be due to a technical glitch or school oversight. 


I need a suggestion on what I or DSO should do before applying for I-290B. ANd what documents should I attach to this file?



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