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Me and my wife came to US in 2007 on H1 visa. Both of us visas were valid until Sep 30, 2009. My wife did not work during her period in US and went back to India in May, 2009 with the intention of coming back on H4. I was still in US, extended my H1 until Sep 30, 2012. My wife went for H4 stamping using my new approval notice and got her H4 stamped on her passport until Sep 30, 2012. She returned to US on new H4 in Oct 2009.

In Sep 2010, I changed my employer and got new H1 approval valid till Sep 30, 2011. My wife also got her H4 extended till Sep 30, 2011.

I again changed my employer in Feb 2011, and got the new H1 approval valid till Sep 2013. This time along with the H1 transfer, my new company did not process my wife's H4. Now my wife has H4 based on my previous H1 which will expire in Sep 2011 (passport has H4 stamped till 2012 from the first H1).

Here are my questions.

Do I have to apply for her H4 extension using my current H1?

If she wants to go to India and come back after a month, does she needs to go for stamping (Using her latest H4 approval)?

Will the stamped H4 visa gets expired or invalid once get a new H4?

Appreciate your help.



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