RFE - Maintenance of Status

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Brief Summary of the Case -
I joined Employer A in June 22,2020 at chandler AZ working on Hoover LCA, Employer A filed amendment case in month of January 2021.
Peititon SRC-XXXXXXXX} for remote working in chandler AZ (Almost after 6 months of joining). Petition is still valid.  My I-94 expiry - June 1, 2023

I moved from Chandler AZ to Hoover AL 35244 in April 2021.

I have been working on payroll of Employer A (base location - Hoover, AL), moved to Wesley chapel, FL on December 18,2022 and updated address Wesley Chapel, FL,  in internal company system which reflected same in Paystubs.

Employer A external attorney filed extension+amendement case delayed on filing and filed on March 1st 2023, got RFE on case March 7th, 2023.

RFE details - The RFE is pertaining to maintenance of status regarding my move to Florida

Employer A External Counsel planning to withdraw current H1B extension + amendment case, filed new H1B Petition with Consular approval on April 18th 2023, awaiting for approval.

Q1 ) With respect to new H1B petition with Consular approval, Employer A will be putting me unpaid leave from June 1st  till end of July 31st (till stamping gets done), is option with un-paid is good option to proceed ?.

I have taken drop box appointment for July 5th on my current petition(Petition: SRC-XXXXXXXX). In case new H1B Petition with consular approval gets approved in premium before May 31,2023. I will create new DS-160 with new petition once approved and will update new DS-160 on visa appointment confirmation scheduled for July 5th.

Since original appointment was drobox appointment on July 5th , I will go for dropbox on July 5th -

Q2) what's probability of visa stamp getting approved ?.

Q3) Will US consulate call for interview  my case ?

Q4) what if at the time of stamping consulate calls for interview , how do we justify ?

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