Switch from L1B to H1B. How long I can remain on L1B and switch to H1B later?

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  1. I am on L1B since JUL-2021. My wife is working on L2 EAD. My application got picked in H1B lottery this year? Is it mandatory to switch to H1B now?
  2. What is the maximum duration I can remain on L1B visa for my wife to continue her job as L2 EAD and still be eligible to switch to H1B status at a later time with this year lottery?
  3. Am I still eligible for L1B extension after this H1B lottery? for L1B extension entire family have to go to home country for stamping again?
  4. My wife L2 EAD will void after I switch to H1B?
  5. Are there any benefits to applying for a Green Card while on L1B visa before transitioning to H1B?
  6. Entire family have to go to home country for H1B stamping ?
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If the H1 is filed as COS you are in H1 status from Oct. 1 on.

And of course, since an L2 depends on you being in L1 status, it would be invalid as soon as you are on H1.

Quite frankly, this is all stuff you should have thought about and discussed with your lawyer before even going the H1 route.



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