H4 visa- Spouse has Multiple i797 Approval


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First of all thank you for taking time and reading my post. Here is the situation..,

My Husband is working for Company A from 4 yrs, his H1 was extended last year with 2 yrs extension. Last month my husband got an offer from Company B and H1 Transfer was approved. But my husband hasn't started working for Company B yet, he is planning to join the Company B after 2 months.

Now i have to go for H4 visa stamping, which copy of my spouse's i797 i have to carry?? is it Company A or Company B??

Any response is really appreciated.

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If your husband continues to work for company A, then you should carry the I797 of company A.

If your husband switches the company before you travel back to US, then there is a possibility of questions from the immigration officer at the port of entry. Be careful.

best is, wait until your husband changes the company, go for stamping with I797 of company B and things might work out smoothly.

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My wife has H4 stamped while I was working for Company A. Now I have shifted to Company B with valid new Petition.

My wife needs to travel to the US now. Can she travel to the US on the H4 stamped in her passport while I was working in Company A? Or does she need a fresh H4 stamped by showing my new Petition and then be eligible to travel to the US?

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