Urgent: Need your help. About my B1/B2 VISA

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I heard positive news that you guys are helping where the people need support.

I have a B1/B2 VISA and have Visited the USA. I am working for the USA a client from INDIA, and they are ready to hire me for their position. I recently got an update from USICS that my H1B registration was selected for further processing.

My question is, Do I have any option to come with B1/B2 and then start work with my client?

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You can not work on the B1/B2 while in the US. The B1 allows you to attend meetings and the like, but that's it.

It certainly is possible to do a change of status to H1 while you are in the US, but since the H1 can only start on Oct. 1 you would have to have quite a lot of money to stay in the US until then without having any income.

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