Okay to accept referral bonus on an H1-B?

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I recently referred a friend of mine to buy a home in our community. The builder is offering referral bonus (via a W-9 form - basically I have to fill up the form and send it back). The amount is not that big, but surely significant. Am I okay to accept it? I'll obviously be paying tax on it in next years filing.

My reading of this (related) article is that this income of mine is not going to take away anyone's job, and hence is not an unlawful earning (speaking from being on H1B perspective). I couldn't find much else on the web. Any thoughts, comments or suggestions appreciated!

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On 3/27/2023 at 2:29 PM, notabot said:

Curious to know what's the technicality here.

W-9 ! 

No one is wiser then tax ppl in US. Any query/audit/inquiry with IRS is not nice to have while you're in US on temporary work visa status and even afterwards. 

look up here, not so hard to find on google [non-government link removed]


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