Job Duties & Role change - Does it require a new PERM with new priority date

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I have an approved I 140 with a priority date of Mar 2015. My current employer who ported this I140 in the recent past, now has a situation that might require me to change my Job Duties and Roles. The immigration team recommends filing a new PERM which i understand could reset my priority date.


1. Change in Job Duties and Role - My current I140 is tied with 15-1199 Information Tech Project managers and Job duties tied with a particular Product. Changing the product does it entail to refiling a new PERM ?

2. Is it possible to request a new PERM but port my current priority date quoting similar occupational category ? 15-1199 Information Tech Project managers with a different Product

2. With current visa bulletin far away, would it be wise to switch to a role/employer who offers similar product/job duties ?





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Once the I-140 is approved, the priority date may be retained in future filings. In this situation, if your current employer filed a new Labor Certification (PERM) case on your behalf, your original priority date may still be used. Generally, no argument needs to made in order to maintain this priority date. Each situation is unique and we recommend discussing your specific circumstances with a knowledgeable immigration attorney.

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